• Anadellia Rises


    A team of demon hunters get a tip that a demon is in a hotel, when they track it down they uncover a horrifying event that is actually taking place. Are they going on a routine mission or is there something even more sinister that they have ever imagined.

  • The Country Singer


    About a Jewish rabbi named Bucky Goldstein who goes to Los Angeles and becomes Max Nightly. A country music sensation.

  • I'm Offended


    A struggling comedian named Max can't seem to do anything right. No matter what he does, he offends everyone. Max lives with his girlfriend Mindy who is ready to leave Max at any minute.

  • Clinton Road


    A widowed firefighter seeks closure after his wife goes missing on an actual haunted road in rural New Jersey but must unlock the road's secret if he wants to get out alive.


  • Desert Moon (2021)
  • Whack the Don (2021)
  • Stay Off the App (2020)
  • Indie Brigade (2019-2020)
  • Dream Round (2020)
  • I'm Offended (2019)
  • Art of the Dead (2017)
  • Clinton Road (2019)
  • Impact Event (2018)
  • Dick Dickster (2018)
  • Minutes to Midnight (2018)
  • Loan Me a Dime (2018)
  • Halloween Pussy Trap Kill! Kill!(2017)
  • Eliza Sherman's Revenge (2017)
  • The Fifth Borough (2017)
  • Gigolos (2011-2016)
  • The Green Fairy (2016)
  • Viral Video 2 (2015)
  • A House Is Not a Home (2015)
  • Sexual Predator (2001)