• The Chemist


    An aging assassin who is double crossed by his employer when he refuses to assassinate a woman he just met.He becomes the next target in this fast-paced battle, assassin vs. assassin.

  • Viral Video 2


    As Trisha Paytas's arch enemy returns on Halloween, they decide to team up and murder the internet's biggest hater.

  • Only God Can


    5 longtime friends struggling through life's challenges, discovering through faith that Only God Can empower them to become the person they truly desire to be.

  • A House Is Not a Home


    Ben and Linda Williams move the family into a dream home in a last ditch effort to save their troubled marriage. Despite their good intentions, they cannot shake the feeling that they are being watched by something.

  • Cats Dancing on Jupiter


    Two 20-something club hopping women in LA are at first glance living the good life of partying and casual sex, until they are revealed to be scarred by a childhood abduction and driven to take revenge on every man who crosses their path.

  • Viral Video


    A famous youtuber is vlogging her daily life at her book signing when someone she would never expect shows a strong obsession for her. Held captive by a chilling stalker Trisha is scared for her life. Will she get out alive?

  • After Midnight


    When an exotic dancer is murdered at a seedy strip club, her sister goes undercover to find the killer. While working at the club, she realizes that everyone is a suspect and she must work fast to find the killer and get revenge.

  • 22 Jump Street


    After making their way through high school (twice), big changes are in store for officers Schmidt and Jenko when they go deep undercover at a local college.

  • AE: Apocalypse Earth


    A group of refugees from Earth land on an exotic planet, where they must fight ruthless aliens to survive.

  • Almighty Thor


    When the demon god Loki destroys the fortress of Valhalla and steals the Hammer of Invincibility, only the young hero Thor can protect Earth from armageddon.

  • Raiders of the Damned


    In the final days of World War III, an unleashed biochemical weapon rendered Earth a post-apocalyptic wasteland overrun by cannibalistic zombies. When a helicopter carrying a group of scientists, crashes in zombie central, a military team is dispatched to rescue them.

  • Forget About It


    The story about three retired men who are enjoying life in sunny Arizona. Through a strange twist of fate, they become involved with an east-coast criminal organization and a large sum of stolen money. Never far from their minds is their sizzling neighbor, a former Las Vegas showgirl.